Who doesn’t want hot water on demand. Endless Hot Water gives you the freedom to pick your perfect temperature with the new digital User Control Panel (UCP). The User Control Panel allows the flexibility to adjust the temperature anywhere between 35° to 51°. The compact unit sports a hinged door and an easy to use latch closing mechanism, eliminating the use of fiddly twist latches. Coming in black and white, the Endless Hot Water GSWH-2 has a maximum water operating pressure of 55 PSI and hooks up via a 12V power inlet.

•Outlet Water Temperature

•Regulate the burner to maintain the set HOT     water Temperature

•Now you can add cold water to the desired     temperature

•All the hot water you want when you want it!

•42,000 BTU’s which provides the optimum   performance for an RV’s plumbing

•Quiet brushless Motor

•Compact Design. Fits in any tank water heater   cut out opening


Water Temperature Settings   (Adjustable from 35º to 51º) •Continuous Water outlet temperature reading

•Fan Icon

•Water Flow Icon •Flame Icon

•Error Codes for Easy   Diagnostics

New Digital

User Control